Refer your friends to Money Matters or Cash Title Exchange, and you could get money!

See program restrictions and rules below.


CASH ADVANCE$20.00payable once the New Customer
originates a loan.
TITLE LOAN$50.00payable once the New Customer
originates a loan.
MCAAN/AWe do not offer the REFER-A-FRIEND
program for our Mississippi Credit
Availability Loan product.

DESCRIPTION: The REFER-A-FRIEND program is offered by Money Matters, its affiliates, and parent companies, to provide consumers the opportunity to refer individuals to us and receive compensation. A “Referrer” does not have to be a customer to participate in the referral program.

LIMITATIONS: There is NO LIMIT to the number of referrals that you can make.

DEFINITION OF A “REFERRER”: (1) You must be a legal resident of the United States who is 18 years of age or older. (2) Existing and former customers of Money Matters or its affiliates are prohibited from referring themselves. Businesses are ineligible to receive referral fees for referring customers, but employees of a business may qualify. (3) You CANNOT be a current employee of Money Matters or its affiliates. You cannot be an immediate family member, or person living in the same household of an existing employee of Money Matters or its affiliates. (4) You DO NOT have to be a customer of Money Matters or its affiliates in order to participate in the referral program.

DEFINITION OF A “NEW CUSTOMER”: A New Customer is someone who is not currently, and has not been, a customer at Money Matters or one of its affiliates. The New Customer must provide the REFER-A-FRIEND slip at the time of the loan. The New Customer CANNOT come in at a later date and say that they were referred by an individual.

REFERRAL FEE ISSUANCE: Referral fees are paid by company check. A W-9 form may be requested by the Company before releasing the referral fee. Referral fees are considered taxable income, and are subject to local, state, and federal taxes. When the value of the referral fees you have earned reaches $600 or more in a calendar year, a W-9 must be completed and 1099 tax form will be generated and mailed to you at the end of the year for your tax reporting purposes.

In the event the Referrer’s account has a past due balance, the referral fee will be applied to that account. If the referrer has an active Bankruptcy account with the Company, the referral fee will be forfeited.

GENERAL CONDITIONS: By participating in the REFER-A-FRIEND program, you agree (i) to release, discharge, indemnify, and hold harmless Money Matters, its parent, subsidiaries, affiliates, retailers, and advertising and promotion agencies, and all of their respective officers, directors, shareholders, employees, and agents (collectively,m “Released Parties”) from any liability or damages which may arise out of participation in the REFER-A-FRIEND program or out of the acceptance, use, misuse, or possession of any referral fee attained through this REFER-A-FRIEND program. All applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations apply. Release Parties are not responsible for late or delayed referral fee payments or other errors or problems of any kind relating to or in connection with the REFER-A-FRIEND program, whether printing, typographical, technical, computer, network, human, mechanical, electronic, or otherwise, including, without limitation, errors or problems which may occur in connection with the administration of the program, the verification of New Customers, or the tracking of referrals and New Customers. Money Matters or its affiliates reserves the right at any time to modify, suspend, or cancel the REFER-A-FRIEND program. Money Matters reserves the right to add, modify, and/or delete any referral fee requirements. Money Matters’ decisions with respect to all aspects of the REFER-A-FRIEND program are final and binding.

QUESTIONS: If you have any questions about REFER-A-FRIEND, please call us at (662) 841-0577, or email